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Vancouver, BC, CA


5 k, Half Marathon

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Reviewed by Emilie Reas

The Vancouver Half was my second barefoot half. Despite a few challenges along the way, it was overall a fun experience. The course was entirely on pavement with mostly decently maintained roads, but some unavoidable rough stretches with gravel and potholes. There were a few spots where I had to jump onto the bordering grass to spare my soles from the nasty roads. Race day was exceptionally hot, with temps around 80F and not much shade. The heat, combined with consistently canted roads, left me running with a 2-inch blood blister on my heel for the final 4 miles. First time in the medical tent for me! That said, the route was beautiful, the course was relatively easy with some nice rolling hills, and the race organization and support were all very good. I may not recommend this to a novice barefoot runner, but it's manageable and worth it for anyone with some experience on moderately rough roads.


June 2015


Half Marathon


Jul. 2, 2016




Entirely barefoot